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The Business of Board Games

The creation of Wu Wei: Journey of the Changing Path and Gray Wolf Games, LLC has been an amazing experience but it also feels a bit like trying to get to the end of the original Oregon Trail video game. I’ve been updating backers on my successful Kickstarter…

Design Lock and Kickstarter Prep

Front and Back Covers... Done! The box cover has been in process for quite some time. I am pleased to say that it is finally fully realized. One of the last elements to join the front cover was the empress! As I got serious about designing Wu Wei I started to really...

Journey’s End… Kickstarter Beginning

The Rulebook Is Finally Done!!! Waves of relief continue to hit me this week as the rulebook for Wu Wei: Journey of the Changing Path comes into sharp focus. This year has been particularly challenging as the rules and components went through their final...