Masters secretly train Students to become lineage holders while an ambitious new Emperor tries to unify his people under one banner. LINEAGE is a strategy game that embraces the universal concept of the Tao (the way). This game is deeply rooted in Chinese philosophy and carries with it the concepts of yin and yang, the four seasons, chi (energy), and the eight directions.

Players are always competing to win but they may need to cooperate on occasion to prevent another player from running away with the game. This kind of player interaction coupled with the ever-changing circumstances of the board make for a compelling game that requires players to develop a sixth sense for taking the right action at the right time.

# of Players: 2-6 players
Age Range: 12 and up
Setup Time: < 10 minutes
Game Length: 1-3 hours
Random Chance: Some
Skills Required: Strategic thought, tactics, cooperation


Object of the game:

To train your Student, preserve your Lineage, and move two Master player pieces to the Center Tile. One player controls the Emperor and the General and must place markers at the four corners of the board.


LINEAGE: The Martial Arts Strategy Game -- Kicktraq Mini


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Summary of game play:

Player pieces must move to a new space on the board each turn and may not retrace their steps. Each player piece starts with up to three (3) movements per turn.

Players may collect one (1) Chi (Glass Token) of the appropriate type for each player piece that ends the Movement Round on a square tile. Chi can be used to provide additional movements on the board, to bid on the First Player position, to reclaim Fields and Towns or to reclaim Lineage Markers.



In addition to providing Chi, each type of square tile has a corresponding deck of cards. Players must flip over cards from these decks whenever they end their turn on a square tile.

  • Circle (Town) Cards indicate the type of Chi that is currently available for use to all players.
  • Square (Palace) Cards may be used to change Terrain in specified areas.
  • Triangle (Temple) Cards indicate the change of seasons and show the Terrain types that are currently blocked to all players.

Masters may share a space with Students but not with other Masters. Students may not share a space with other Students. The General may conscript Students but cannot share a space with Masters. No one may share the same space as the Emperor.




Game Components:

5 Student Pieces
5 Master Pieces
1 Emperor Piece
1 General Piece
25 Octagonal Tiles (Double-sided)

  • 1 Center Tile
  • 6 Mountain Tiles (Plains Tiles on reverse)
  • 6 Lake Tiles (Plains Tiles on reverse)
  • 6 Forest Tiles (Plains Tiles on reverse)
  • 6 Desert Tiles (Plains Tiles on reverse)

36 Square Tiles (Double-sided)

  • 4 Directional Tiles (N, S, E, W)
  • 2 Reversible Yin Yang Tiles
  • 5 Temples (Triangles – 1 Fire, 1 Earth, 1 Metal, 1 Water, 1 Wood)
  • 5 Palaces (Squares – 1 Fire, 1 Earth, 1 Metal, 1 Water, 1 Wood)
  • 20 Towns (Circles – 4 Fire, 4 Earth, 4 Metal, 4 Water, 4 Wood)

163 Glass Tokens (30 Blue, 30 Red, 30 Yellow, 30 Green, 30 Silver,13 Black)
6 Lineage Markers (4-sided Dice)
6 Lineage Cards
5 Snake Cards
5 Dragon Cards
5 Tiger Cards
5 Leopard Cards
5 Crane Cards
30 Town Cards (Circles)
30 Palace Cards (Squares)
4 Temple Cards (Triangles)