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Wu Wei: Journey of the Changing Path Rule Book

Wu Wei

Journey of the Changing Path

Lead your student on a journey to receive training from kung fu masters across the land, gaining animal cards that represent your student’s skills. Once your student has all five animal cards, bring your student and master back to the center tile to pass on your martial arts lineage to the next generation.

Beware the emperor, who will try to clear paths for his generals to conquer the four corners of the earth. If the emperor secures towers in the four corners of the board before you secure your lineage, only his lineage will prevail.


In order to make this game affordable and available to the world, Wu Wei needs to be mass produced. Ordering the game at higher quantities creates opportunities for price breaks and covers the cost of tooling and creating plastic moulds. This is a complex game with a number of different high quality components including paper, cardboard, wood, resin, and high-impact plastic.

Wu Wei is being produced independently. This allows Gray Wolf Games to control every aspect of the art and budget but it also creates a funding challenge.

This has been an ongoing project for over five years. There has already been a large investment of time and money for artwork, prototypes, and testing (all totally worth it) and there will be additional expenses prior to manufacturing and shipping costs after the games are finished.

This game was previously launched on Kickstarter in January of 2014 as “Lineage” with a $40K goal and fell short at $24K.


Join us on our journey to launch Wu Wei on Kickstarter in March 2017!  With your help we hope to have at least 200 backers on day one. Check back soon for a survey where we will be asking you to pledge your support.

A considerable amount of time has been poured into perfecting the rules and artwork for Wu Wei: Journey of the Changing Path. Three different levels of play have been created to widen the potential audience for the game. An attractive box cover and detailed character design have been added to give players a greater connection with the subject matter. Digital file preparation is nearly complete and the game will be ready to manufacture as soon as the Kickstarter campaign ends.

Wu Wei will be manufactured by Panda Game Manufacturing. PandaGM has a great reputation for quality and attention to detail. Many of the top games in the industry are made by PandaGM including a good selection of the games you might find at Barnes and Noble.