The following reviews came from Wu Wei’s first Kickstarter as “Lineage”. As soon as new prototypes go out to reviewers, these will be updated to reflect the changes to the game. Wu Wei has expanded to include three different levels of play and a more exciting conclusion but the basic mechanics of the game haven’t changed.

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“Overall I really enjoyed this one. I feel like it’s very rare that a game is inseparable from its theme. Even some of my favorite thematic games… you can take some elements of theme out and the game would still be pretty solid. In this game, every single individual element is dictated by Chinese philosophy… I really applaud Gray Wolf Games for going so in depth.”
Hunter Shelburne


“Lineage is an asymmetrical board game where players play as either the Emperor and General or a pair of Master and Student, vying for different win conditions, while impacting game play with every move. It’s deeply rooted in Chinese philosophy and culture, and is much more than meets the eye.”
Scott ''Tox'' Morris

“It’s very much an eye grabber. It very much catches your eye in terms of the colors. It fits the themes with being in tune with change. You’ve got elemental themes. You’ve got traditional Chinese animals. You’ve got Chinese characters. It looks great. It looks so much different from anything else.”
Bin Lee

Part Time Movie Guy Podcast

“I think Lineage is worth backing. It’s beautiful to look at, fascinating to play, and the price is right.

I love games that have asymmetry in them—in this case, between the Master/Student players and the Emperor/General player. Although they’re moving around on the same board, they’re after different goals, and those lead to conflicts, both direct and indirect. The Master/Student players have to figure out how to work together to prevent the Emperor/General from winning, but then they’re also trying to secure victory for themselves. It leads to a delicious sort of tension—do you pursue your own training, relying on another player to stop the Emperor, or do you stop him yourself but allow the other player to pull ahead?”

Jonathan H. Liu

“I enjoyed Lineage’s mixture of martial arts concepts in a deeply layered and strategic game, and look forward to this Kickstarter being fully funded.

The gaming pieces, board tiles and cards are well made, very artistic and help to immerse you into the Asian culture. The rules can be very complex when learning the game for the first time, but once you are familiar with them, gameplay flows fairly easily. More illustrations and examples of gameplay movements in the instructions would go a long way to help minimize confusion during the setup and learning of the game. With how well evolved this game is, a few small tweaks is all it would take to turn it from very good to great.”

Travis Banderob

“Every element in Lineage is dripping with strategy. There is very little luck in Lineage and each time you move your player, it can cause a ripple effect that changes the game for the next player in line. You are constantly weighing options in your mind before you make a decision. The game is going to be shipping with excellent components and if you are a fan of heavy abstract strategy games, consider giving Lineage your support.”
Tyler Nichols