“For those that love abstract strategy, Asian-themed games, or even philosophy and martial arts, then Wu Wei will probably be an excellent addition to your collection.”




Brook H.

Pop Culture Uncovered

“Wu Wei is very unique and probably the biggest, most complex game in the abstract strategy genre. Consequently, there’s a steep learning curve. Once you get it, every game is a beautiful expression of the art of war. Its aggression is elegant, and it moves fast for a big game. I love this one and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys abstract strategy.”
Delton P.


“Wu Wei not only looks fantastic, the quality is also very good. The rules are very clear and it is nice that you have 3 levels to play, so you can make it harder or easier. We do think that the game gets better with 3+ players, because then there is more tactics involved and there is more interaction.”


Sander and Lisa

Het Spelletjes Koppel


“I really enjoyed the game mechanics, the look of the game, and the strategizing required to win the game as well as the player interaction. For these reasons, I recommend Methodologie: Murder on the Links for those who enjoy social deduction games as well as something different with an interesting theme.”
Michael Knight


“If you’re the kind of person who really likes deduction and in a multiplayer sense that isn’t nearly as heavy going through a long story this will definitely be a fun one.”



Will Keeler

Roll For Crit

“Methodologie’s biggest strength is it’s a unique game that is palatable to the family audience. There are no odd rules to memorize, special powers with strange interactions, or any nonsense to overcome. It’s a clean ruleset that anyone can understand with a visual narrative that has widespread appeal.”
Mark Iradian

Meeple Mountain