Howdy folks!

Happy New Year! I have been working hard on prepping Wu Wei: Journey of the Changing Path (formerly Lineage) for Kickstarter but it looks like I’m going to need a little more time so I’m pushing back the campaign until March in order to finish up the pricing and concentrate on marketing the game a bit more. I know it has been forever but there have been a number of exciting updates to the game and some great possibilities for garnering support from the community. I’ve actually never been more excited about the game than I am right now. Let me share some of the great additions here:

New Board

I have added a board to the game to keep everything in order when you set out the tiles. This is a huge upgrade to the gaming experience. It took a few tries to get the octagons and squares the right size but I think it has really come together.


New Videos Coming soon!

I’ve just set up my own little movie studio so you will be seeing a number of videos regarding the game play, etc. in the coming weeks. I’ve also chosen some new intro music that is more in line with the theme of the game.


Added Levels of Play

I have now broken down the game into five different levels of play. This will give players the opportunity to start with a simple game and graduate up into more complex strategy. Rest assured the original game from Lineage is still in there as the “Master” level. Look below the picture to see a description of the different styles of play.



This will be the most basic level. The object here is to earn your animal cards from the masters. Players will not engage with the circle, square, and triangle cards. They will earn chi and learn how to move around the board. This is really meant to be an intro game or a game for kids. The board is set with all fields facing up.


The circle, square, and triangle cards are introduced. The seasons will change and walls will come into play. Players will only be able to use certain kinds of chi and they will learn the powers of alchemy. Players will concentrate on moving the student pieces around until the end where they will move the master and student back to the center in order to win.


This is the level of the original Lineage game. The Yin Yang tiles are introduced and players move students and masters. Masters roll Lineage Markers (4-sided dice) to gain chi every turn. Walls are more difficult to destroy and the Emperor and the Generals come into play.


This level adds the ability to push or pull players off spaces using hidden chi to do battle. The Generals also have the ability to conscript students and remove their top level card.


This is the name for the one-player game I’ve developed. In the one-player game, you control all of the students. You have two goals: 1) Train the Snake student and master and bring them back to the center tile. 2) Use all eight walls to build a cross formation on the board. The board is set up with all the seasons grouped together in four quadrants. You only have four rounds or a total of 32 turns to accomplish your goals. The game winds up being around 15-20 minutes. There will be videos describing this soon.


Updated Website

I’ve spent a lot of time updating the website. There’s an email sign up form and you can check out all of the new artwork, etc. Please check out or

There’s more to come! I will be adding more photos and information soon. Please help me get the word out about the upcoming Kickstarter in March. Anything you can do will really help. I will do my best to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest!

Thanks again for all your help!

Best, Justin